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What are the rates?

Find out HERE the rates and types of tickets that can be purchased for the Health&Beauty area.

What is Health&Beauty and what services does it offer?

Health&Beauty is an area entirely dedicated to wellness and beauty, through exclusive treatments and massages aimed at body care and well-being of the mind. You can find a salt room within the area dedicated to halotherapy, a natural therapy based on the inhalation administration of micronised medical sodium chloride, that is, extremely pure rock salt.
There are also inhalation treatments with Thermal Water indicated in disorders of the upper respiratory tract, against inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, in the prevention of infectious exacerbations, for the treatment of rhinogen deafness, in chronic obstructive and emphysematous bronchopulmonary diseases.

Is booking required?

Reservation for treatments is mandatory
You can book in the following ways:
Telephone +39 0342 970277
Whatsapp +39 335 7412305

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