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Valentine’s Day | Relax d’amore


For all those who want to take a break of complete wellbeing, Aquagranda Wellness&Relax offers a new experience for Valentine’s Day… or better four, you choose!

PATH – 13:30

13:30 Relax in the pool
14:00 Aufguss Sauna
Relax with face mask
15:00 Scrub in the Turkish bath
Toast in the tub

PATH – 15:00

15:00 Scrub in the Turkish bath
Relax in the pool
16:00 Aufguss Sauna
Relax with face mask
Toast in the tub

PATH – 18:30

18:30 Relax in the pool
19:00 Scrub in the Turkish bath
Relax with face mask
Toast in the tub
20:30 Aufguss Show in sauna

PATH – 20:00

20:00 Relax in the pool
20:30 Aufguss Show in sauna
Relax with face mask
Toast in the tub

21:30 Bye Bye Cupid “cuddle time” and relax for all

And if you have some time left, treat yourself to a very special dinner. We have two menu suggestions:

Menu 1

Smoked salmon roses on celery salad
Dumplings stuffed with Northern prawns and scallops on American sauce
Grilled Atlantic Bluefin tuna steak, potatoes and vegetables
Valentine’s Day semifreddo
Prosecco – Gewürztraminer Wine

Menu 2

Piemontese infracostal carpaccio with berries
Vegetarian ravioli on asparagus sauce
Veal fillet with rosemary cream, potatoes and legumes
Valentine’s Day cake
Valtellina Negri Wine – Nebbiolo


Given the special offers on February 14th the entrance to Aquagranda Wellness&Relax will be as follows:
€ 39,00 ticket for non-residents
€ 34,00 ticket for residents

For those who want to book dinner, the additional cost is € 45,00 per person including water and wine.

Valentine’s Day is coming!

What better occasion to dedicate yourself and your TIME to someone?

Nothing too challenging, a simple gift idea! Because Valentine’s Day is not only a cheesy celebration for a few, but it is above all an excuse to regain your time as a couple, leaving at home thoughts, problems, children and rediscover your relationship.

So, here are some intriguing proposals to rediscover the perfect understanding.

RE e REGINA DI CUORI – click here for more infos

EMOZIONI e VIBRAZIONI – click here for more infos

Package can be purchased online or directly at Reception. Offer available from 14 to 23 February 2020

Beer Wellness Fest


An alternative Wednesday where you can enjoy healthy relaxation accompanied by good local beer coming directly from the Brewery of Livigno.
Keeping the thread of the beer there will be many treatments and rituals enriched with precious ingredients such as Hops and more.
An excellent Mojito-Beer for those who want to delight the palate with an exceptional cocktail based on Blonde Beer 1816 and White Rum.

14.00 Welcome Aufguss
15.00 Hop Scrub with Lager Beer
16.00 Aufguss in sauna
17.30 Hot Aufguss “Oktober Fest
18.15 Sound Moment
19.00 Hop Scrub with Smoked Beer
20.30 Highlight Show in Sauna
22.45 Bye Bye Aufguss

Live Music from 20.30 with Teo Gianola

Ticket on-line

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