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Are multi-day tickets/passes available?

Yes, there are different types of passes: monthly - annual or you can purchase 5 or 10 non-consecutive admissions.

Are bathrobe and towel included in the price?

If necessary, it is possible to rent them at the reception (€ 4.00 towel € 8.00 bathrobe).

Is there only a day ticket or an hourly ticket?

For Slide&Fun area and Wellness&Relax area it is possible to buy the day ticket.

Frequently asked questions

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Why do you need to enter without a Bathing suit in some areas?

To live a pure and authentic wellness experience. The goal of taking a sauna is to sweat and eliminate toxins. Sweating opens the pores of our skin, and it is best to avoid wearing synthetic fabrics. Disposable bio paper Bathing suit can be purchased at a cost of Euro 2.00.

What is Wellness&Relax and what services does it offer?

Pleasure for all 5 senses!
In a completely renovated area with an architecture rich in elements typical of mountain culture, you will find a path immersed in tranquillity and silence, which will satisfy your every need for relaxation. Choose the saunas with the most suitable temperature and degree of humidity for you, free your respiratory tract thanks to the healing steam baths, experience all the relaxation of the saltwater pool, the Kneipp path and the relaxing beds or treat yourself to a well-deserved massage, choosing between: Ayurveda, relaxing, sporty or personalised or one of our special face and body treatments. Every day inside the area there will be “Aufguss” rituals with the sauna master. Inside you
will find: 1 swimming pool with hydromassage beds and water jets, 1 salt water pool with hydromassage beds, 1 Turkish bath, 1 bio sauna, 1 90 ° sauna for Aufguss rituals, 1 area with ice and cold reaction well, Kneipp path, 4 massage and treatment cabins, 1 wellness bar, 3 relaxation areas, 1 outdoor relaxation area with hydromassage tubs.

What do I have to bring to access the Wellness&Relax area?

Swimwear. Attention: Inside the area with the various pools and the 3 relaxation rooms it is mandatory to use a swimsuit, while inside the area with saunas and steam baths the use of synthetic swimsuits is prohibited, thus you can choose whether to stay naked or purchase one of our bio paper costumes suitable for use in saunas, at a cost of € 2.00.
A towel and/or bathrobe – personal or can be rented on site (towel rental € 4, bathrobe rental € 8).
Pool slip-ons – personal or available on site € 9.90.

What are the rates?

Find out HERE the rates and types of tickets that can be purchased for the Wellness&Relax area.

What are the opening times of the Aufguss rituals?

Within the Wellness&Relax area there are numerous Aufguss rituals and ceremonies that will allow you to live a unique and relaxing experience.

Opening hours

Find out HERE the opening hours of the Wellness&Relax area of Aquagranda.

Is booking mandatory?

Entrance to the area is admitted without reservation.
Admissions are limited to comply with the regulations in force, upon reaching the maximum number of presences the centre reserves the right to block entrances.

How can I pay for the drinks from the bar in the wellness area?

There is no need to have cash and credit cards with you, in fact the drinks at the internal bar will be uploaded on the electronic bracelet and must be paid at the reception when leaving.

Can I have a massage or a treatment?

Yes, there are cabins in the area for massages and treatments.
Find out Here our treatments.

Can I bring food and drinks into the Wellness&Relax area?

No, you are not allowed to bring food and drinks in the Wellness&Relax area. Inside there is a bar where you can have quick meals and drinks or you can access the Bar&Bistrot.

Are bathrobe and towel included in the price?

If necessary, it is possible to rent them at the reception (€ 4.00 towel € 8.00 bathrobe).

You did not find what you were looking for?

We do our best to be at your disposal, contact us by email or by phone.

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