Aquagranda Active You! One of Europe’s largest centres for leisure, sport, relaxation and well-ness.

Livigno is located 1816 metres above sea level, and its unique landscape makes it Europes highest plateau and the second-highest in the world after Mexico City. This is why it's the ideal place for high-altitude training all year round. An open-air gym which attracts sportsmen and women of all nationalities and disciplines, committed to athletic training and improving aerobic capacity. And not only sport, because Livigno also means enjoyment, relaxation, a warm welcome and great food, all elements we aim to offer in approximately 10,000 square metres of Aquagranda Active You. It's divided into various zones where you can find fun for all the family and lots more, sliding in the Slide&Fun area, relaxation and wellness in Wellness&Relax, sports training in gym and pool in the Fitness&Pool area and all the experience of doctors and health professionals in Health&Beauty.


Aquagranda Health&Beauty is the area devoted to all-over care for the body. Many professionals are at work in private rooms, where visitors can find hair stylists, nail artists, beauticians, masseurs, spe-cialised doctors, physiotherapists, osteopath, psychologist, psychiatrist and a solarium. You can also discover the beneficial properties of the salt room and the aerosol room. 

Everyday from 8.30am to 10pm.


From the summer of 2019 the Aquagranda Active You sports complex will be enriched with a new service of primary importance for all those who choose Livigno for their training at heigh altitude: the athletics track.


The place that allows you to enjoy simple, tasty dishes for a quick lunch, or fantastic breakfasts after workout. 

Open Everyday from 08am to 10pm. 

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