Salt Room

The halotherapy

It is a natural therapy based on the administration by inhalation of sodium chloride medical micronized, that is, of very pure rock salt.

Its beneficial effects have been known for centuries as to be considered in some European countries a real health treatment especially for diseases of the respiratory system. This therapy could be a help, as well as inducing a natural detoxification and improve breathing with a reduced tendency to cool and influence, improves even sleep, meditation and relaxation, increases alertness, concentration and productivity at work.

..30 minutes sessions...Prices
......Adult...........Jun/o65.........Family 2+2....
1 Session15€10€40€
6 Sessions83€55€220€
12 Sessions150€102€410€

0-3 yo: free
4-14 yo
Over 65
2 adults & 2 children

Opening times
Every day from 8:30 am to 10 pm
Booking at the Reception or by phone +39 0342 970277