Aquagranda Health&Beauty, è l’area dedicata alla cura del proprio corpo a 360 gradi.

Numerosi professionisti operano in locali privati, suddivisi per settori, nei quali troverete l’hair stylist per uomo e donna, la nail artist, l’estetista, massaggiatori sportivi e rilassanti, medici specializzati, fsioterapisti, osteopata, psicologa, psichiatra e stanze con lettini abbronzanti. Potrete inoltre scoprire le terapie benefiche della stanza del sale per l’haloterapia e dell’aerosol per inalazioni curative alle vie respiratorie.

Tanning Beds
Tanning Beds.

10 minutes 10€
12 minutes 12€
15 minutes 15€

Promo Package 6 sessions, 1 for free!
Promo Package 12 sessions, 2 for free!
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Inhalation & Aerosol
treatment with thermal water are indicated in disorders of the upper airways, against inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, in the prevention of infectious exacerbations, for the treatment of deafness, in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema.

The waters salsobromoiodiche, thanks to their complex mineralization, exert in fact a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial local and general. Stimulate tissue repair processes and increase the body's defenses.

The National Health System suggest
The National Health System recommends a course of treatment consisting of a cycle of 24 therapies (12 aerosols and 12 inhalations) to be used within 30 days of the first therapy.During the treatment cycle it is possible to perform aerosol or inhalation with your own antibiotic.

Therapies1 TherapyTherapies12 Therapies
...Aerosol or Inalation...8€5€44€28€82€52€
...Micronized showers...10€7€55€39€102€72€
*News: you can use your own antibiotic during aerosol or inhalation.

Cycle of 24 therapies
...Aerosols and inhalation...
24 therapies in 12 sessions
1 aerosol + 1 inhalation session
...* to be used within 30 days from the purchase...

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Salt Room
The halotherapy

It is a natural therapy based on the administration by inhalation of sodium chloride medical micronized, that is, of very pure rock salt.

Its beneficial effects have been known for centuries as to be considered in some European countries a real health treatment especially for diseases of the respiratory system. This therapy could be a help, as well as inducing a natural detoxification and improve breathing with a reduced tendency to cool and influence, improves even sleep, meditation and relaxation, increases alertness, concentration and productivity at work.

..30 minutes sessions...Prices
......Adult...........Jun/o65.........Family 2+2....
1 Session15€10€40€
6 Sessions83€55€220€
12 Sessions150€102€410€

0-3 yo: free
4-14 yo
Over 65
2 adults & 2 children
Opening times
Every day from 8:30 am to 10 pm
Booking at the Reception or by phone +39 0342 970277
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Health&Beauty Professionals

Surgeon, Cardiologist, Dentist, Doctor Sports.
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Hairstylist for man woman and kids.

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Dr. Francesca Luraschi Physiotherapist
Tel. +39 328 1576820

Dr. Cristina Rupani Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Tel. +39 349 0551879
Dr. Lucrezia Silvestri

Specialized in children's care

Dentist for adults, pediatric dentist, orthodontics, dental hygiene and whitening
Speech therapy, osteopathy, aesthetic medicine

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