Treatments and massages aimed at the care of the body and the well-being of the mind

SPA entirely dedicated to wellness and beauty, through exclusive treatments and regenerating massages:

SCRUBS: Mechanical skin exfoliation treatment. An energetic body massage with a mixture of natural ingredients, helps the skin recover its evenness and shine. After the scrub, you can choose a body wrap and a massage.

PACKS: Treatments with different properties (lymph drainage, tissues relaxation and heating) made with clays, essential oils and herbs. The compound is applied on the whole body and left laying to allow the active ingredients work. Afterwards, we recommend a massage to enhance the benefits.

MASSAGES: Let your body and soul enjoy a moment of relax. Our massages have a beneficial effect on the whole person, relieve muscle tensions and restores balance to body, mind and soul.

BODY AND FACIAL TREATMENTS: Our body and facial treatments with high performance and low concentrated emulsifiers products, will help you improve your skin and make it toned and radiant.

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