Ginnastica Antalgica


The antalgic gymnastics is a discipline so-called soft that is performed with measured and harmonic movements, mainly aimed at alleviating, preventing and reducing muscle and joint pains origins.

This discipline is part of physical exercises and is suitable for both women and adult men also need to improve the relationship with their body, and in particular to those who, for various reasons, do not carry out long physical activities, but that for reasons of health they need to follow an activity full gymnastics but, at the same time, there does not rest on their skeletal. However it can be practiced at any age, as it improves the movements and teaches you to understand and know your body, also can be used in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Course start date: 3/06/2019 Course end date: 2/02/2020
09.30 - 10.20  Sala 3