Spinning, or indoor cycling, is one of the disciplines that gained greater success and popularity in these last years, thanks to its mix of athletic shape research and fun.

The activity consists in pedaling in group on a special bicycle following the instructor advises, looking for synchronicity with a background music that varies according to the type of activity, and imagining natural sceneries that will help manage the physical effort. The muscle groups affected are the legs, gluteus, lats, biceps and triceps, pecs and abs. The cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory are enhanced; the mood improves, as in all the physical activities that release endorphin; the ability to focus and the confidence in your abilities increase too.

Course start date: 7/10/2019 Course end date: 2/02/2020
19.30 - 20.20  Sala Spinning
19.30 - 20.20  Sala Spinning

For who: for everyone