Sommer 2019, neue Leichtathletikbahn in Livigno.

The new 2019 feature for the Aquagranda Active You sports complex is its Run&Play area. The complex now offers athletes choosing Livigno to train at altitude a brand new, highly important service: an athletics track.

Located outdoors and surrounded by a wall covered in vegetation to protect runners from the wind, the 6-lane track is set in the breathtaking backdrop of the Italian Alps. It means users can train at 1816m a. s. l. taking advantage of both the altitude and climate, the latter being especially favourable from May to November.

The Finnish track will be completed in 2020, featuring up and downhill stretches and bends and designed specifically for runners. This special track consists of a base of spongy material covered in a thick layer of sawdust, making running or walking both pleasant and elastic.


Jeden Tag von 7.00 bis 20.00.

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